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– Sang trọng và lịch thi đấu.

A: Giới thiệu lịch sử dòng Vertu Signature S:

VERTU SIGN S GOLD HK EDITION – Sang trọng và lịch thi đấu .Bản sao hoàn hảo của siêu phẩm Vertu Signature S Design Gold .Là một trong những dòng sản phẩm được mọi người đặc biệt yêu thích.

Give the sensiration source from the standard precision of the Grand Complication.Vertu Sign S Limited is a operation of the manual manual.

The camera shot image and shot with the light camera .

Invite to watch video minh họa the current telu copy line line.

Whole machine section of daisy wrap. Charging and port connection with USB Mini server on the right of the host must be a computer. Sim is set in the sim sim after the machine. Can change your easy as the pin instead of how to remove the following hosts.


Camera to longmented.

Each this device include 88 to components. Vertu Sign S Gold Limited complex to the near near cannot be created. The following thợ thủ công giàu kinh nghiệm has been lost to 3 year for learned mounted to complete a vertal dialog phone.

And only one of users on this may be be this. (This 2007) ->. To this, very many users can be unmounted <3.


B: Dòng máy Vertu Signature S copy có gì khác biệt?

Special, this line is the first line Vertu copy at Vietnam. This, Message to the current name (is not a different as other Vertu line).

The way of the way of the way of the price of the price of the car is used to be used when the window to be opened. VERTU SIGN S GOLD HK is up to the most most service. most, keyboard has been balanced for bring again. You can be may.

 We have been trying to check the history and found: after review the different percentage of the other keyboard, the Vertu factory has given an empty key type. The main is the keyboard and the needle type.

Meet the click finger’s finger to a maximum level that are done. In the copy version, the press keys has an error.

C: Digital information

style Thẳng
Vỏ vật liệu Alloy, da cam
Use sim number 1 Sim, 1 memory tag – 2sim
Screen Type Normal
Size 130x42x10 mm
Pin dung lượng 1050 mAh
Operation 6 months

D: Contact the row: 

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